Saloro aims to minimize all possible negative impacts that its operations may cause. For this reason Saloro’s operations are designed and integrated into the environment in which they are situated.

In the case of the Barruecopardo operations, the mining and concentrating operations border the Arribes del Duero National Park, and lie within a Special Protection Area for Birds forming part of the EU Nature Network 2000 chain of protected areas.

From the very beginning of its activities at Barruecopardo, Saloro has taken into consideration the uniqueness of this site in all of its’ decisions, with the company’s Environmental specialists working closely at all times with the Provincial Environmental Administration of the Junta de Castilla y León in Salamanca, with the aim of ensuring minimization of any possible impacts of the operations on the protected areas, and in particular to ensuring the protection of the important and emblematic fauna of the area.

To this end, the company has implemented a package of preventative, corrective and compensating measures aimed at mitigating any and all of the possible impacts that the operations may cause including in the areas of fauna, flora, the environment and local society. All these measures have been designed and carried out in coordination with the authorities and the environmental enforcement officials.

In addition, the effectiveness of each of the measures is continually monitored, and will be throughout the life of the operation, in accordance with the Environmental Monitoring Plan designed and implemented by the operations.

In all its operations Saloro scrupulously complies with the relevant legislation enacted by the competent authorities and operates in close collaboration with the local, provincial and regional administrations.