Barruecopardo has a mining history dating back almost 100 years. It is located in the Salamanca Province of western Spain, which is an area of substantial historic tungsten production. For the majority of its past operating life Barruecopardo was the largest tungsten mine in Spain, producing a high quality tungsten concentrate from an open-pit mining and related processing operations.

Historic activities ceased at the old mine in the early 1980’s.

After some 10 years of studies, design works, permitting and financing, including a 15 mth construction period, Saloro brought the Barruecopardo Mine back online in early 2019 with all new plant and infrastructure, and after nearly 40 years of shutdown.

The Barruecopardo Mining and Processing operation is now the flagship asset for Saloro and is producing a high quality scheelite concentrate for sale into a mix of medium term and spot contracts.

The Barruecopardo Operation sits amongst the top 10 Tungsten mining and concentrating operations globally in terms of installed capacity. When full production is reached, late in 2020, the Barruecopardo Operation will be contributing some 3% of the global annual Primary (mine) Tungsten production.

Saloro continues to explore the depth extensions of the mineralisation at Barruecopardo aiming to significantly extend the current mine life.