Community Relations

Saloro’s philosophy in each of its operations is to fully integrate into the community in which it conducts said operations, becoming just like “one more resident of the town” in each case.

In Barruecopardo, where the company has been working since 2004, Saloro has signed a collaboration agreement with the Barruecopardo City Council which includes undertakings to contribute to the economic and social development of the town, and in particular to consider preferentially residency in the town in all employment decisions.

Saloro’s presence in the Barruecopardo area has had a direct impact on reducing unemployment. In 2012, the year in which the company signed the agreement with the Barruecopardo City Council, the unemployment rate in the town was 18.48%, currently it could be said that the town is virtually at full employment.

Saloro has achieved integration into the Barruecopardo town, actively participating in the town’s popular festivals, in addition to inviting town residents to participate with Saloro in it’s annual celebrations in honour of Santa Barbara, the patron saint of miners.

The company maintains an ongoing relationship with the Barruecopardo school, with company technical staff giving talks to the students on various matters of interest related to the company’s activities. In addition, each student completing final year of Infants school at Barruecopardo participates in a ceremony held annually in which the student plants a tree bearing their own name in an area of the Mines’ rehabilitation regrowth zone that has become known as ‘The children’s forest’.

Saloro maintains collaboration agreements with different universities, including the University of Salamanca.

Saloro’s relationship with the administration, institutions and organizations at all levels is fluid and transparent.