Saloro is an environmentally-friendly company, and it strictly follows international guiding principles about Earth caring. As our claim says, we are a safety, solvent and sustainable company.

The company is aware that its activity directly affects the mine location and its surroundings. That’s why we have designed an action plan focused in compensating the Barruecopardo mine’s activity, which has been certified by the authorities.

These actions help to allow the coexistence of Saloro’s mining operations in Barruecopardo, the native species and an efficient water use.

Main measures

Location cleaning

Barruecopardo has had mining activity during 100 years. When the mine shut down, in 1982, it left a considerable pollution. Saloro, trough certified companies, cleaned the whole area before starting over the operations, which included asbestos, arsenic and other fuel wastes.

Water reuse

The existing excavations were found full of acid water, produced by the minerals’ effects. SALORO pulled out the excavation’s content, treating and stocking it to reuse it in a close circuit for the mine operations, without spending any other resources from the nearby towns.

Endangered bird protection

The Barruecopardo Mine is near to the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. For this reason, Saloro’s team realized a bird census between the species that nest in the area close to the mine. This data base has eight years and is considered as an authority by the autonomous government. It mostly controls the black and White stork, the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Egyptian vulture and the red kite.

Rabbit protection

Rabbits are usual prey for lots of predators in Arribes area, so Saloro has created protected areas to save them. Also, Saloro’s team has created a yearly census of rabbits.

Bat protection

In Barruecopardo’s surrounding area there is an important bat population, with different species. In addition to realizing a census, Saloro protects their nesting areas and creates another ones to allow them to move freely.


To avoid any deforestation risk, Saloro plants 3 trees for every one that could be missed in the facilities, always been respectful with native species.

Press risks downsizing

The press that is stocking water already cleaned by Saloro are used usually by birds and small mammals to refresh themselves. To prevent them to die drowned, Saloro placed escape routes by using a net. In addition, there are kind of islands made by coconut fiber that can be used as a resting place for the animals.

Environmental monitoring

SALORO operates with a system that allows us to monitor and take samples, such as vibrations, noise, dust or groundwater in the operating area.


Once Saloro’s mining activity finishes in Barruecopardo, the company has developed a rehabilitation plan in the area. Some of the recovery activities are already working, and some others will start when the operation stops. Every year, Saloro re-evaluates the rehabilitation necessities for the área with the autonomous government.

​Social responsibility

Saloro does not only cares about the environment, but for its activities’ impact in the nearby communities. This are their main social initiatives:


Saloro’s activities employ almost 200 people, directly. 50% of the employees are from Barruecopardo, or are living in the town, so they are helping the economy. Another 33% are from close towns.


SALORO collaborates with Barruecopardo Primary School in three ways:
- Informative talks on the company's activities in the area.
- Donations of computer material for students.
-Annual tree planting by students who visit the mine. This initiative is known as "the children's forest".

University of Salamanca

SALORO also Works with this university, offering internships and study visits for the engineering students.

Communication Committee

SALORO has created a committee of Barruecopardo Community’s members, so they could meet with the Company to express the citizens’ opinions.