A Wolfram-focused Company We are committed to the highest quality standards and to the most strict international laws in Security and Environment, in line with our values: sustainability, security and solvency. Contractors to one of the most important wolfram mines in Europe One of the most modern facilities in this industry in the European Union, whose product has the highest quality standards.
European roots, Global reach We are evaluating wolfram industry investments globally, in addition to fusion and acquisition opportunities
Commercial uses of tungsten


More than 50% of European tungsten reserves

Saloro, founded in 2004 in Spain, is a Company focused in wolfram production and commercialization. Wolfram is a metal recognised as “Basic Raw Material” according to the European Union.

The first production unit is the Barruecopardo Mine, located in Salamanca. After Saloro’s €100 million investment, it is increasing its production to reach the capability to generate 15% of the global production of tungsten, making the Barruecopardo Mine a natural resource globally.

This raw material’s high value and the company’s social commitment  makes Saloro to manage this important natural resource in line with its efficiency, responsibility and sustainability principles.

Saloro is evaluating new investments in the wolfram industry all over the world to complement its first production unit. In addition, the company is considering fusion and adquisition opportunities to become the most important mining company in this industry in Occident.


Safe, solvent, sustainable.



eople’s health and safety and enviromental protection are the top priorities for Saloro. The biggest part of the company’s investment in Barruecopardo was to guarantee and to improve quality, security and health standards to the highest.



Our facilities are located in a very important enviromental área. This is the first thing that comes to our minds in every operational decision, making the mineral production and the environmental protection suitable.



Our product has the highest quality standards in the industry, and our facilities are one of the most modern in the European Union. They have a high recovery, which help us guarantee efficiency and solvency in higher levels tan our main competitors.

Wolfram concentrate plantation’s circle of life ​


he first step is studying the mineralized body. With the first extractions, we measure the amount and quality of the mineral before evaluating the viability of deploying a mine plant and its compatibility with the environment and the nearby community.


The mining technique used in the Barruecopardo Mine is the open-pit, which allow extracting the unpolished mineral to send it to the starting point of the production line and mineral concentration.


In the first step of the concentration, the stone is grinded to reléase the mineral that contains the wolfram. Then, a sieiving its made until it reaches five milimiters of width.


once the wolfram is released, it goes trough a second gravimetric process that allows concentrating the mineral by using recicled water, separating it from the rest of the material in the stone, which are restored in the ecosystem after that.


When the gravimetric process is over and the mineral concentration is clean, it is dried, packed and prepared for its distribution.

Uses of tungsten

Application Range

The wolfram has unique qualities that allow us to improve our lifes and the economic development of the society. Some of those qualities are its hardness, its heat enduring and its high density. Without the wolfram, the civil aviation industry wouldn’t exist, in addition to a big part of electronics and it would be more difficult to produce electricity in a sustainable way.

The tungsten is essential in cutting tools for metal, rocks or concrete. It is also suitable for critic elements in machines, heat sensitive and wear-resisting, such as engine valves.

For its heat endurance and its strength, and for his electric conductivity, the wolfram is particularly useful in electronic devices and as contact point in electrical circuits. Also, as a heat resistant component, like in LCD screens. Furthermore, for its high density, the wolfram is used as weight or counterweight in specific machinery applications, like in wings in aeronautics.